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About me

My name is Simen Andresen. I am a student at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, NTNU (or NUTS if you’re in the right mood), Trondheim, Norway. My field of study is Cybernetic Engineering and I am currently specializing in Navigation, Guidance and Control.

Other interest I have is kite surfing and music. I play guitar in the band Sixty Pieces of Gum. Make sure to visit our webpage at

For future employees (e.g. Nasa) here’s my linkedin adress , here’s my CV and here’s some relevant things I’ve done

-Summer intern Kongsberg Aerospace and Defence

About the website

Most of the time I have some kind of project going on, related to programming, electronics or some school project. I started this webproject with the purpose of having a place to dump my projects when I finished them, with the intent to keep them organized and prevent them from living a life in eternal oblivion. Lastly it might give me a chance to have a blog-like web page and actually get away with it.